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To become generate income the very common DVD format, a meaningful high density optical disc that is Blu-Ray Disc (BD) has been developed especially by BD Association. The features to choose from here mostly encourage to substitute for the DVD tradition by this enables the storage facility to big range. The single layered disc has the self-sufficient capacity of 25 GB in addition to the double layered disc is able to keep up with a capacity of 50 GB. They are most commonly involved to store bulk size of data, audio and rewriting. The name Blu-ray is most well liked to it as the disc use blue-violet rays in contrast to normal red rays for browsing and writing operations. Provided that the wavelength of blue-violet rays is lower than that of the red rays, the laser might make the focus with much more exactness. Thus the titanic data are stored up in the lesser space which can help much more invoices written on it i.e. is 6 times far more the consistent CD and DVD though they produce same size. A Blu-ray disc drive has the flexibility to read usual DVD and CD.

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