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If you have been attempting to shed unwanted weight, the HCG weight loss system may be the ideal diet option for you. The HCG weight loss program is the protocol developed by the well-renowned Dr. A. T. W. Simeons which was originally written in his publication “Pounds and Inches.” Unlike traditional diet plans and medical weight loss programs, this diet requires having low caloric diet with the intake of HCG. HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, can be taken either through injection shots or through HCG drops which are HCG Diet taken orally. As HCG is a natural hormone, it is instantly used and absorbed by the body.

The HCG diet plan has been helping a lot of of people today reduce weight, as much as three pounds daily. If a person follows the HCG diet protocol and eats all the proper foods, they may assume that he or she is able to shed weight constantly and keep the weight off for a long time. What HCG does is to raise the metabolic rate of the body and HCG helps release the stored body fat. This stored body fats can then be converted into energy, which results to shedding of unwanted weight in a very short period of time.

Some people lose about one pound of weight per day on the HCG diet protocol, while others have lost up to three lbs. daily. The average weight that you could lose on this diet depends on several factors, including your starting weight, the stage of the diet plan you are on, how dedicated you are to the HCG weight loss system, as well as whether you’re engaging yourself in workouts as you are going through the program requirements.

As part of the plan requires taking HCG drops, it’s essential for you to religiously follow the schedule. You can certainly boost your weight reduction by increasing your intake of vegetables, drinking more water and by eating more naturally foods.

In order for you to get HCG drops, you need to get your blood tested and have a physical examination completed by a doctor. No specific preparations are HCG Diet required for the injection of HCG. A number of people, however, favor to take HCG orally with HCG drops. HCG drops can certainly help to increase weight loss as well as help you get to your ideal weight as you move through each stage of the HCG weight loss plan.

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