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The client wants you to develop a product that you’ve never developed before and it’s something that you may not be able to construct it with the machinery that you have on your plant floor. The some testing, you develop a prototype, make some adjustment, enduring in this process until you have either developed the product your client wants, or until you decide that it’s not possible to create the product your client wants. You may have already heard about the Scientific Research and Experimental Development SR&ED program has been developed. It was created to support and encourage technological development and innovation. There is a very good chance that even if you’ve heard of the program, you aren’t at present claim for it. It is estimated that about 50% of eligible companies don’t actually claim for the program. One of the reasons why company don’t claim for the SR&ED program is because it can be difficult to know exactly what kinds of activities are eligible for the SR&ED program. All this time you have also been keeping documents about been occurrence test sheets, engineering designs, etc. The growth process that has occurred in this case is considers as SR&ED-eligible activities.

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