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Technology is improved in different application. People are live in society that is more important in communication . Some people are affecting natural hearing ear. So people can live with hearing loss which using communication technology. There are technology is readily adaptable people to severe hearing loss. There are number of hearing impaired telephones are designed to maintain communication loop. There are lot of amplified phones is available in the market. The hearing impaired phones are some brands and model depending on the people hearing range. There are particular desktop phones that give up to 26 dB of sociable voice amplification required.
The people are suffering from hearing loss or low vision. So this kind of people required equip with special phone. These phones have reachable and communicate outside people in emergency. Amplified phone system is designed in challenge with hearing loss or low vision. These devices have amplified phones and that delivered sounds in increased function of volume and clarity. It is also called as digital answering machine with headset. These phone are used people had throat operations or very weak voices. This amplified device is designed as portable one and it is amplified the normal person voice.
These phones have lot of features with depending people uses. These types of phone have graphic equalizer which is used customize the phone for hearing loss people. There are range of amplification is up to 90dB and handset is developed up to 40dB.this type of amplified phones for hearing loss are work like charm and it is enhanced visual ringer and vibrating alert that used for people.GE is one of the famous company to provide this type of bio medical product manufacture and sale. The GE is offered wonderful audio boost phones. It is oversized ear seal which help of improve hearing capacity. This hearing impaired phones are provide 20dB gain. Hearing impaired phones are made variety of manufacturers with many features. The rate of the phone system is depending on the quality of the products.

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