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You may have observed of the application Jumi cam. It’s an application that makes it possible for users to see web cam footage videos from the PC to iPhone. The technology is primarily based on Jumi controller which wants to be set up in your computer. It at present does not assist Mac OS. So, Mac users ought to wait. But, others can dive into the world of live video streaming with Jumi cam. A lot of apps that do the job with your PC on the home network/WiFi link perform miserably often times. On this contrary Jumi cam is absolutely different. It operates fine with your computer without the need of any issue. The software can be downloaded from This piece of software is referred to as Jumi controller as talked about above. After you put in it, your PC is regarded quickly. The web cam performance is also too good. It is not at all worse in any way than other video streaming service providers like skype and some other messengers. Another fascinating fact is that you might think so long as the iPhone is in the range of the wireless network the transmission will can be found and as soon as you move out of the relationship the assistance will be halted. But to utter big surprise this does not take place. The video stream still continues to be intact.

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